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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

MKS REVIEW-Money making website

Money Making Website

As there are many programs in this internet world for making money.Many a times people ask me that is there is any program that give us success.Well i tell them that yes there are but you have to understand how it works?As there are not so much persons here in this world who knows web designing.So it is difficult task for you to design website.

Programs that are useful for making money through website:
1.Super Affiliate Website

Well this one is good and maintained by my friend Nick marks.

1.You will get a free website that can generate $250 a day.
requires lot of traffic.
2.You didn't have to maintain anything here,just you have to do one thing that get some traffic.
3.You will get a list building sqeeze page of yours for free.
4.Also you can change products here whichever you like.
5.Google adsense help is also there for writing blogs.
Note:Hosting cost you $220/yr And Domain name is free.

2.Express Affiliate Site:

Its owner is Cody Moya.

1.All above features are present in this site.
2.SEO optimized site and having number of pages
Note:Hosting cost you $99/yr and domain name is free.

3.Rich jerk Website:

Rich jerk loves annonimity.
This one is digger in the whole.You suck ,jerk not.
1.All features are same as that of super affiliate website.

Note:Midphase hosting will cost you $139 for this and domain name is free.
Bad part:No google adsense support is there.Trust me i have tried.

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