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Monday, August 11, 2008

How to Become a MLM Heavy Hitter

'You have to love what you do to fully devote yourself to it and to make it in a big-time way.' Donald Trump from his new book Trump 101.

These words are so true. If you're ready to start a career in network marketing or multi level marketing, you should feel passionate about your business in order to 'make it in a big-time way.' But with that passion, you need the nuts and bolts of what to do. There is more than enough information online on what you should do, so I've distilled what I've learned into the seven basic areas you see here. Don't let the small size of this article fool you; you are about to embark on something very big; MLM heavy hitter status.

1. Choose the right product. If you wouldn’t sell the product to your mother or brother, then drop it. You need to feel truly enthusiastic about your product or service. The product you represent should be very desirable online and offline, and with or without an attached business opportunity.

2. Become a people person. No matter what your personality is, you can always improve on your people skills. This doesn’t mean you have to smile at every waking minute; you just need to focus a little on what makes other people tick. That’s it. You’re an instant people person.

3. Advertise smart. Attract people. Don't chase them. Learn all you can about search engine optimization, article syndication, and online videos and infomercials. Online videos consistently outsell even the best articles and sales letters by a margin of three to one. On top of that, your video will score a very high ranking in Google if you write your video comments correctly.

You don’t have to create fantastic video productions; a simple slide show with a little music and your voice would be a very effective starting point. Remember, You are the Person of the Year according to Time Magazine. Newspaper classified ads are still very good. Just remember, the first thing the reader wants to know is 'What's in it for me?' Write your ads accordingly, and keep your presentation simple when respondents call you. Always use a nice image and the same thinking when you write an ad for Craigslist.com.

4. Recruit professional sales people. Use your new powers of search engine optimization and classified ads for good, and recruit high quality sales people and entrepreneurs for your opportunity. Just think about it; they love selling. It’s in their blood. If you can present a valuable product with a powerful pay plan, they will line up at your door. The product you represent should be very desirable online and offline, and with or without an attached business opportunity. (Yes, I repeated myself.)

Let your sales professionals and entrepreneurs put your product in the hands of happy end users, and the multi level marketing aspects of your opportunity will take over from there. Vonage, Mary Kay and Avon are perfect examples of this; Their satisfied customers become the best sales people.

5. Choose a high tier opportunity. By high tier I mean an opportunity requiring a $2,000 or $3,000 startup cost. These programs also pay out large and fast commissions. Many high tier opportunities allow you to earn your way in if you’re on a tight budget. The smaller priced opportunities are good, but you need to recruit dozens of people to make your first $1,000, and the $100 autoship costs add up pretty fast. The high tier programs will pay you $1,000 with only one or two customers.

The larger commissions of higher tier programs will also attract all the right sales professionals and entrepreneurs, and you absolutely must have them on your team to become a network marketing heavy hitter.

6. Make your success easy to duplicate. Teach your down line to do and say what you do and say, and keep what you do and say very simple. If you keep it simple, the longevity of your organization is virtually guaranteed. Conversely, if everyone begins to improvise, your team will become distracted, and your downline will begin to dwindle.

Everyone in your sales organization will do much better with a duplicatable system. McDonald’s has been teaching us this for years.

7. Sell your product to end users. For example, if you tell the folks sitting next to you on the beach that you only spent $300 for a whole week in one of the town’s most luxurious resorts, their wet hair will stand straight up. That’s how we as humans work. We’re excited when we hear about a good deal, and we always want to know more.

So that's it. You can become a network marketing or MLM heavy hitter in a relatively short time with this advice. I hope you will use this advice to change your financial life in the very near future.

Friday, August 1, 2008

This is an axiom in politics: "If you're explaining, you're losing."

Internet Marketers can learn a lot from politicians. If a candidate for office is linked with an unsavory character, for example, the candidate gets stuck in wheel-spinning mode. Reporters ask tough questions. The "explanation" for the questionable behavior requires mental energy best used elsewhere and takes the candidate off-message.

Few human beings have greater sensitivity for Public Relations than politicians. Their electability -- their ability to marshal the forces necessary to advance an agenda -- depends on public perceptions.

And yet time after time, one politician after another finds himself or herself in full explanation mode. Many of them are good at it. Some have a Teflon quality: Nothing seems to stick. One of the reasons is because politicians, in general, are professional communicators or have access to a team of professional communicators.

Sometimes, however, no amount of "explaining" can make a problem go away. Accountability begins and ends with voters. Break their hearts too many times and you become a failed politician. The phrase "crooked as a politician" wasn't coined in a vacuum. Voters always are willing to paint with a very wide brush when they've had their fill of "explanations" and double-talk.

Customers are the "voters" of Internet Marketing. Most customers are rational, fair-minded people. Meet their value expectations and treat them fairly, and you might just have a customer for life.

Even though customers generally are fair, this is the electronic age. Customers' computers and Blogs and access to video sites give them the power once reserved exclusively for reporters. Customers can ask some tough questions. And because they have instant access to search engines such as Google and Yahoo, they easily can find the "dirt" or suggestions of unsavory conduct by Internet Marketers.

Unlike many politicians, many Internet Marketers aren't Public Relations specialists. Marketers often devote most of their focus to creating products and building websites from which to sell them. Affiliate marketers devote much of their time looking for products from which they can earn commissions. Marketers often discount (or are completely ignorant) of the customer's end in the value equation. As long as money is rolling in, they presume all is well.

But what if all is not well?

What if you're an Affiliate marketer and the company for which you're selling isn't providing adequate customer support? What if legions of unsatisfied customers are making Blog posts and forum posts complaining about the product and the treatment they're receiving from the Help Desk?

What if the company doesn't even have a Help Desk and is choosing to ignore customer emails or not addressing them in a timely fashion?

Information travels at lightning speed these days. Unhappy customers turn to the Internet to see if other customers are similarly situated. A Blog is a powerful tool. Electrons are the ink of the modern day, and are available in unlimited quantities. Everybody buys ink by the barrel these days. Not one second passes during any 24-hour period in which someone isn't publishing something.

If you're an Affiliate marketer, a program sponsor half a world away could be creating a Public Relations problem for you. If you've made Blog posts and written articles to promote the product, the search engines likely have established a tie between your name and the name of the marketer who is causing the problem by ignoring or alienating customers.

If your name is Jane Q. Public and you're a proud online merchant operating out of Smalltown, U.S.A., a program sponsor in Big City, Europe, could become your worst nightmare. The marketer's actions can reflect poorly on you, even if you had the best of intentions all along in promoting and recommending the product.

It's not uncommon for customers enraged by the conduct of a company to mention an Affiliate's name in Blog posts. It might be unfair, it might even tilt toward being thoughtless and reckless, but unhappy customers have their own definition of fairness.

So, do you have the Public Relations skills to provide the necessary explanation? What's more, what if the program sponsor lacks core these essential skills and is making matters worse by the way he or she is responding to criticism from customers? What if the sponsor is picking fights with people who buy ink by the barrel?

It pays to do some research up front when you're an Affiliate marketer. If you find things during cursory Web searches that cause you to ask if your name could be sullied by promoting a product, take a step back and think things through clearly.

Have you found evidence of a program sponsor addressing customers in a manner that makes you feel uncomfortable? Is there a history of unresolved complaints or chronic issues with support? Is the owner's brand being advertised in a fashion worthy of embracing or are other affiliates using objectionable advertising methods?

What kind of words are you seeing in organic search-engine results for the product? What kind of words are you seeing in Adwords and other PPC ads? Are affiliates showing the product in the best possible light or are they using language that suggests the product is defective or the program sponsor might be playing fast and loose with the truth?

Some Internet Marketers specialize in creating controversy where none exists. Even if the product is perfectly serviceable and delivers exceptional value, some marketers use unfortunate terms when advertising the product. They might suggest a negative as a means of creating curiosity, for example.

Ever see an Adwords ad that reads like this:

[Prominent Marketer's Name]: Is He A [Negative Word?]

Advertising approaches such as this create marketplace confusion, dilute brands and have the potential to injure innocent people. At the same time, such approaches might actually provide cover for Internet Marketers who don't provide adequate support and real value to customers.

Their excuse is ready-made: Hey, it's just advertising. Marketers talk that way about everybody because it drives website traffic.

One of the strangest truths about Internet Marketing is that some people want to create the appearance all is not well -- even if all truly is well.

If you're an Affiliate marketer -- and if your fellow affiliates are engaging in negative sales tactics and using unfortunate words to bring attention to a product -- you might find yourself in the middle of a Public Relations nightmare. What if your neighbors in Smalltown, U.S.A., see your name in search-engine results? And what if your name is attached to a negative through no fault of your own?

Just as voters hold politicians accountable, customers hold Internet Marketers and affiliates accountable. You could find yourself in full explanation mode because of the actions of others. The outcome could be the Internet Marketing equivalent of getting tossed out of office.

Where will you go to get your reputation back? How much time will you spend "explaining" things?

"If you're explaining, you're losing."

It's even worse if you find yourself defending your honor because of trouble other people caused. You can be entirely innocent -- and still find yourself in full explanation mode.

Internet Marketing truly is a lot like politics. Some people play dirty, never contemplating the effects their actions have on other people.

Choose your Affiliate opportunities carefully. Look for potential trouble spots. Put yourself in the position of customers, and recognize they have the power of voters and reporters.

Kundan Ghanekar


Rising Tides, Radar Detectors In Internet Marketing

Contributed by Patrick preety
We've all read about rising gasoline prices, which are taking a bigger and bigger bite out of consumers' disposable income. Compounding the situation at the gas pump is trouble in the banking sector. Mortgage defaults and mortgage foreclosures are skyrocketing. Credit is tight. The U.S. government has tried to stimulate the economy by providing taxpayers special rebates ranging from $300 to $600. Meanwhile, the government has made money available to banks and hard-pressed homeowners as a means of stopping a giant hemorrhage in the real-estate market.

It's also a Presidential election year in the United States. With Republicans and Democrats alike trying to curry favor with voters, the people's business sometimes becomes of secondary importance. Politicians know that change-focused agendas depend on electability. Government attentiveness will be in short supply until election season passes.

How all of this will shake out is unclear. What is clear, however, is that more and more people are turning to the Internet to supplement their income. Pain at the gas pump is a great motivator. So is the rising cost of groceries. Joblessness is not rampant in the United States. Regardless, people are seeking new ways to make money to offset higher costs or simply because they don't have a good feeling when they assess their futures.

It is a great time to assess your skill sets. If you have specialized knowledge that can make a difference in the lives of others, start looking for ways to share your knowledge for profit. You'll need core skills to start your own online business. The key is committing yourself to getting started.

You're a bright person, right? Steer clear of "Get Rich Quick" schemes. If you feel as though someone is trying to pick your pocket as you begin the process of researching ways to make money online, listen to your inner self. If you're already stressed over money, you'll only compound your problems and waste time if you spend your money on dream-chasing.

Here are two important questions to ask if you're contemplating a part-time job in Internet Marketing:

1.) Is the model sustainable or is the person who introduced you to the opportunity using "hype" to play on your vulnerabilities?

2.) Would the idea appeal to "average people," the type of people who might attend a county fair, root for a favorite sports team or bowl in a Thursday night couples' league?

"Average people" are very discerning. They don't fancy schemes and don't appreciate smooth-talk. In short, "average people" have good radar.

If your radar detector is beaming poisonous impulses, it's good to listen. Focus on practical solutions. It is possible to make money online by offering services, writing eBooks and information products, starting small, specialty publishing companies, selling software, selling on eBay and getting involved in Affiliate marketing. Many other equally valid choices exist.

In general, the best solutions are not of the "cookie-cutter" variety. Your individualism is one of your most important assets. Do your homework well. Learn what you need to know, including how to purchase a domain name and upload files to your hosting company. You'll need a means of receiving payments, so spend some time researching choices such as PayPal and Google Checkout.

Don't overreach. Take a step on Day One, and another one on Day Two. Writers, teachers, designers, software engineers, plumbers, lawyers, sanitation workers, clergy members, business people, professionals of all types -- people from within these and many other groups are making money on the Internet.

They believe in the rising tide, and they're using their knowledge to extend this boat-lifting tide to all parts of the world.

Fantasy-branding maven Patrick Pretty writes about online business and is the author of "Simple PDF News Release Strategy For Internet Marketers."

Sunday, July 20, 2008



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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

MKS REVIEW-Money making website

Money Making Website

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